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BOURGAS REGIONAL TOURIST ASSOCIATION (BRTA) was established in 1998 as an organization in public benefit. It unites the existing in Burgas region local tourist organizations, regional tourist associations and local authorities (municipalities).

The goal of BRTA is to support and encourage the development of tourism in Burgas region and alone or in cooperation with other organizations working to develop the region as a tourist destination.
BRTA is registered in accordance with the requirements of the Tourism Act in Bulgaria.
BRTA is the only regional tourism organization in Bulgaria, a member of the National Board of Tourism in Bulgaria from its establishment until now. National Tourism Board is a state public advisory and coordinating body to the Minister of Economy and Energy (MEE).
BRTA is a member of the Regional Committee on Employment in Burgas region.

Administratively, Burgas Black Sea Region comprises Burgas Region, which is located in the southeast of Bulgaria and covers an area of 7748,067 sq. km (6, 9% of the area of Bulgaria) and is the second largest after Sofia Region. To the east the region has a large outlet to the Black Sea (224 km), to the south it borders the Republic of Turkey, to the west – Yambol and Sliven Regions, and to the north - Varna and Shumen Regions.

The largest Black Sea bay – Burgas Bay, 10 - 12.5 km wide and 10 – 12 m wide, is in the region. Near the seashore are the freshwater firths Lake Burgas and Lake Mandra (the latter has been converted into a dam), and the saltwater lakes Atanasovo and Pomorie. The lagoons Alepu, Arkutino and Stomopolo are south of Burgas.

The outlet of the region to the sea determines the great transport and geographic importance of the region. The eastern boundary is a condition for the development of port activities, fishing, tourism, foreign trade and for the concentration of productive assets and branches, relying on imported raw materials.


The natural resources for tourism in Burgas Black Sea Region – beach strips, sunshine, favorable climate and sea water, are prerequisites that facilitate the development of seaside recreational tourism and climatic treatment.

It is the curative properties of the climate in the coastal areas together with the beaches and sea that are the reasons why a number of settlements and localities have been officially declared climatic seaside resorts. Obzor, Nesebar, Pomorie, Burgas, Sozopol, Primorsko, Kiten, Tsarevo and Ahtopol are of national significance, while the locality of Kozluka (Elenite Holiday Village), Sveti Vlas, Ravda, Aheloy, Chernomorets, the mouth of the Ropotamo River together with Arkutino, Lozenets and Sinemorets are locally important.


The lifestyle and culture of the Bulgarian nation have been formed in the course of  millennia. Bulgarian customs are rooted in the remote past and are closely interwoven with history and Christian religion.

The places where the preserved folk art is shown are the folklore festivals of the towns and villages. The folklore festivals are part of the folklore culture system and have their own space and time definitions.  They are determined by the calendar-ritual system, by the overall folklore culture of the individual villages and towns. The organization of the festivals turns into general merry-making for the village or town.  Traditional festivals are attended not only by the local inhabitants. The events are gaining popularity and are visited by guests from the country and abroad every year.

In Burgas Region authentic folk customs and rites have been preserved until today. Millennium-old pagan and Christian symbols are embedded in them and their preservation is of great importance to modern culture and to retaining Bulgarian identity.

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