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Bourgas Regional Tourist Association


BOURGAS REGIONAL TOURIST ASSOCIATION (BRTA) was established in 1998 as an organization in public benefit. It unites the existing in Burgas region local tourist organizations, regional tourist associations and local authorities (municipalities).

The goal of BRTA is to support and encourage the development of tourism in Burgas region and alone or in cooperation with other organizations working to develop the region as a tourist destination.
BRTA is registered in accordance with the requirements of the Tourism Act in Bulgaria.
BRTA is the only regional tourism organization in Bulgaria, a member of the National Board of Tourism in Bulgaria from its establishment until now. National Tourism Board is a state public advisory and coordinating body to the Minister of Economy and Energy (MEE).
BRTA is a member of the Regional Committee on Employment in Burgas region.



  • Municipality of Nessebar
  • Municipality of Pomorie
  • Municipality of Sozopol
  • Municipality of Primorsko
  • Municipality of Tsarevo
  • Municipality of Malko Tarnovo
  • Municipality of Sredets
  • Municipality of Karnobat
  • Municipality of Ruen
  • Municipality of Kotel
  • Municipality of Straldja
  • Municipality of Elhovo
  • Municipality of Bolyarovo
  • Union of Hotel Owners in Sunny beach
  • Directorate of Strandja Nature Park
  • Foundation “Sozopol”
  • Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds - Burgas
  • Bulgarian Association of Travel Agents – Burgas region
  • Association of private hoteliers and restaurateurs – Nessebar
  • ECICI Burgas
  • Burgas association of private hoteliers and restaurateurs


  • District Administrations of Burgas, Yambol and Sliven districts
  • Tourist Board of Majorca
  • Tourism Cluster of the Balearic Islands
    Ministry of Economy and Energy
  • Regional public institutions – RES, RPD, RIEW ODZG etc.
    Companies – Lukoil, Burgas airport, Sunny beach AD, Duni Royal Resort, JLP etc.
  • Educational establishments – Burgas University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov”, Burgas Free University, Vocational School of Tourism – Burgas etc.


  • Advertisement of the region – participation in tourism fairs and exhibitions (Berlin, Moscow, Bratislava, Poznan, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Varna, Burgas, etc.); journalistic tours; presentations.
  • Training courses and seminars - information and advice in the field of tourism, organization of meetings on current issues for the development of tourism in the region - with municipalities, tourist organizations, ministries, agencies and others.
  • Organization of a Regional Tourism Forum (from 1998 up to now) and Tourist Fair "YOUR HOLIDAYS" (from 2001 - now) in partnership with Burgas District Administration and MEET.
  • Participation in preparation of strategic and programme documents - Plan for Development of the Southeast Planning Region, Regional Strategy of Bourgas Region, National Strategy for Ecotourism Development, City Development Plans and other strategic documents.
  • Diversification of tourism in the region - development of tourist products in the village of Brashlyan, Gramatikovo Brodilovo, Kosti, Bulgari, Kozicheno and etc.; Educational trainings for developing rural tourism in the municipalities of Malko Tarnovo, Sredets, Tsarevo, Burgas, Pomorie , Elhovo, Straldzha Kotel, Primorsko, Ruen, Karnobat Sungurlare and others.
  • Development of projects to raise funds in the tourism and economic development – funded by PHARE, Monaco, BSBCP, OPAC, USAID and others.

BRTA provides information to municipalities, regional administrations, tourist councils and regional organizations in the tourism industry for current events from national and regional level in the Southeast planning region. It summarizes proposals and information from Regional Administrations, Municipalities and Tourism Councils, and presents them to the government institutions.


  • “Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in Natural Park “Strandja” and Burgas Wetlands - funded by BSBCP – 2003.
  • "Preparing a guide of funding opportunities for sustainable development" - financed by the Principality of Monaco – 2003 and 2006.
  • “Eco-tourism - a training programme" - financed by the Principality of Monaco - 2003 and 2005.
  • "Biodiversity Conservation and Economic Growth in the Strandja and Wetlands along the Southern coast" - funded by the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria (MOEW) and the Principality of Monaco – 2004.
  • PHARE project "Cross-border cooperation Bulgaria - Turkey" – 2006, with the Municipality of Igneada, Turkey
  • "Biodiversity Conservation and Economic Growth in the Strandja and Burgas Wetlands” - funded by  the Principality of Monaco – 2008.
  • PHARE project "Cross-border cooperation Bulgaria - Turkey" – 2007 - 2008, in cooperation with DECAT society - Demirkyoy, Turkey.
  • PHARE project "Cross-border cooperation Bulgaria - Turkey" – 2007 - 2008, with Municipality of Elhovo, Bulgaria and Municipality of Odrin, Turkey.
  • PHARE project "Development of Civil Society" PHARE BG 2005/017-353.01.03 scheme of grants: "Improving the status and integration of minority disadvantaged groups with special focus on Roma society" - 2008 - 2009 – together with Municipality of Sredets.
  • Project in Operational Programme “Administrative Capacity” - 2008 - 2009 - "Civil Society for the transparency of government and municipal policy on the southern Black see coast"
  • Project RECULTIVATUR (Religious and Cultural Tourism in South Eastern Europe) – from 2011 – now, funded by South East Europe Programme of the EU with partners from Hungary, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania.
  • Project CDC (Center for demonstration of crafts) – from 2011 – 2013, financed by IPA CBC Bulgaria – Turkey programme, with partners: Municipality of Nessebar, City of Edirne and Regional Craft Chamber of Edirne.
  • Project CBTI (Cross-border tourism initiative) - 2011 – 2012, funded by IPA CBC Bulgaria – Turkey programme, with a partner - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Edirne.
  • Project TOURAGE (Tourism for elderly people) – 2012 – now, funded by INTERREG IVC Programme with partners from Finland, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria.
  • Project ESTUARIES – 2013 – now, funded by JOP Black Sea Basin with partners from Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria.
  • Projects TELL US ABOUT THRACIANS – 2013 – now, financed by IPA CBC Bulgaria – Turkey programme with partner Union of Regional Chambers of Craftsmen and Tradesmen of Edirne.


29A, Ferdinandova, 4th floor
Burgas 8000, Bulgaria

Tel. / Fax: +359 56 841966, mobile phone 00359 887 793656
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Sonya Enilova - Chairperson




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