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Xanthi : Religious Tourism

Religious Tourism

The great number of festivities that take place all over the area in combination with the existence of many Byzantine churches prove the profound religious feeling of the inhabitants but also give an idea of the importance of Orthodoxy in the region.
The Byzantine church of "Panagia Kosmosotira" in Feres represents the global religious symbol of the people of Thrace all over the world and of course it is the protector saint of the region of Thrace.
At the religious museum of the Metropoli of Alexandroupoli , the visitor can find very interesting and precious exhibits, such as icons from the period of the dynasty of Palaiologoi (14th –15th century), headstone from the tomb of Isaakios Komninos (12th century), holly utensils etc.

The metropolitan church of the city of Komotini is unique because of its architecture but also has a great religious value, the Byzantine castle, constructed on the foundation of a Byzantine church, and at a lower level from the surface of the soil. At the religious museum of the city housed at the imposing building of the workhouse, the visitor can see icons holly utensils and documents of the recent history of the city of Komotini.
Three monasteries surround the city of Xanthi: The monastery of "Panagia Arxaggeliotissa" the monastery of "Panagia Kalamou" and the one of "Pammegiston Taxiarxvn", where the Ecclesiastic School is hosted. At the monastery of Arxaggeliotissa there is also the religious museum of the Metropole of Xanthi the visitor can see manuscripts of the 12th and 13th century as well as ecclesiastic utensils from the Asia Minor. Next to Porto Lagos you can visit the St Nicholas church, a place unique for calmness and concetration.




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